Day 1 – 02/01/16


Other than this morning’s oversleep, today went quite well. I felt energetic (after I woke up at 8:50am, that is), and I found that it didn’t feel especially hard to wake up from each nap. Later on, I trained with the rock climbing club from 8pm to 11pm. I found, much to my surprise, I had the energy and stamina to do everything I wanted to do. Even though I still get kind of zombified in the period of time between my early morning naps (—let’s call the periods of time between my current naps “microdays” to make things slightly easier…so every 24/hour day is made up of 6 microdays). Before I started this polyphasic experiment, I used to have energetic microdays followed by not-so-energetic ones. Now, my energy levels are becoming more and more consistent.

Regarding lucid dreams, I haven’t achieved success quite yet, but I do feel that I am starting to come close. I am finding it much easier to recall the thoughts and feelings that I have during my naps. Additionally, the images and other sensations that I notice as a have the faint shadows of dreams seem to be more and more under my control, and I seem to have a higher degree of awareness throughout the duration of my naps. I haven’t tried meditating or playing video games yet (which are supposed to increase one’s likelihood of having lucid dreams), but the methods that I’ve tried so far seem to be working, and I’m feeling very optimistic.

Nap by Nap Breakdown

  1. 12:25-45am (20 min.): NR (no dreams recalled). NH (nothing notable happened)
  2. 4:25-8:50am (4 hrs., 25 min.): NR. Oversleep from 4:45am to 8:50am due to zombie mode induced laziness leading to me putting the phone next to my bed, taking a nap out of confusion, and turning off the alarm out of confusion.
  3. 12:25-45pm (20 min.): Lots of dream imagery involving me editing posts on this blog, being in class, and doing various day-to-day activities. This happened only after I relaxed, and felt like I was on the verge of having a fully-fledged dream.
  4. 4:25-45pm (20 min.): No clear dream imagery, but lots of blurry ones and flashes of light. I felt like I entered a meditative state where everything felt still. I still felt like I was on the brink of having a true dream. I felt like I was aware of my level of awareness (if this makes any sense) and my mental state resembled the ones that I used to experience back when I meditated frequently in the past.
  5. 8:25-8:45pm (20 min.): NR. I felt extremely energetic after this nap (much more so than I’ve felt after any of my other naps).

Time spent sleeping: 5 hrs., 45 min. 😦 Boo on oversleeps and zombies!

Number of lucid dreams recalled: 0


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