Lucid Dream Experiment

I’ve read on a couple of websites that polyphasic sleep cycles basically = instant lucid dreams.

But so far, I feel that this is stuff and nonsense. I’ve only had one dream so far, and it was about me sitting in class, not about flying to the moon or transforming into a wolf, which would have been much more interesting. Since I’m doing the Uberman cycle I take grand total of six naps every day—six chances to have a lucid dream. So I feel that my lack of lucid dreams (or dreams, for that matter) is somewhat disheartening…

I remember reading a bunch of online articles about lucid dreaming in the past. Maybe I can make use of some of their ideas to lifehack my way into lucid dreaming.

I think this calls for another experiment!

My Resources

Here are the websites that I will be using to construct my daily routine:

The Procedure

Starting with my 12:25 nap on the 1st of February (that’s the one that I’m right about to have), I will try to follow this “dream routine”:

  1. Affirmations: At the start of each of my naps, I will repeat the phrase “I will be aware that I’m dreaming” no less than 10 times.
  2. W.I.L.D.: After my affirmations, I will use a streamlined version of the techniques described on World of Lucid Dreaming to try to have a Wake Induced Lucid Dream.
  3. Stay asleep: If I find that my dream is starting to fade, I will spin around, rub my hands together, or try to return to whatever I was doing in the dream in an attempt to stay asleep. However, if I find that I have woken up from a dream and have at least five minutes left on my timer, I try to return to that dream.
  4. Dream Journal: I will keep an electronic dream journal. In it, I will write a brief description of any dream(s) that I can recall as soon as I wake up from each nap that I take. Additionally, I will copy these descriptions onto this blog when appropriate.
  5. Meditate: I will meditate at least once a day.
  6. Video Games: I will have a video game session at least once a day. (Note: I will probably have to wait until I bring my PS3 to school to get started with this one. As a result, this rule might have to wait until the the 5th of February.)

What is “Success”?

I will define success using four levels (indicating whether I have achieved each one):

  • Level 1: Lucid dreaming at least once ( )
  • Level 2: Lucid dreaming 8% of the time (having at least 1 per day) ( )
  • Level 3: Lucid dreaming 50% of the time (having at least 5 per day) ( )
  • Level 4: Lucid dreaming close to 100% of the time ( )

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